Habitat for Humanity Kicks Off Campaign

It was a meeting to plan for the upcoming year, and the Macon Area Habitat for Humanity says it’s going to be good one.

The ‘Priceless Gifts Campaign’ set its goal to raise $310,000 in an effort to build five or six new homes in the Lynmore Estates neighborhood in Macon. 

Organizers say this isn’t about giving people a free hand-out simply because they want one. New homeowners must meet specific qualifications, as well as pay back an interest-free mortgage on the cost of the house.

This year’s campaign Chairman is Tom Driver, and he said he is optimistic about this year’s goal. He also said today’s meeting was a big success.

“Our outlook is great. We had a great time in there…We were able to announce our goal of $310,000 in 2011 for Habitat,” he said.

Macon’s Habitat says that building homes in neighborhoods like Lynmore Estates helps to decrease crime and revitalize neighborhoods. It also helps the economy, because the homeowners have to pay a mortgage and bills.

The annual ‘Priceless Gifts Campaign’ runs now until April 15th.

If you would like information on how you can volunteer, call the Macon Area Habitat for Humanity office at 478-745-0630.

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