Gyms for Young Children are Gain Popularity

ToddlerGym01_11More gyms that cater to children and toddlers are popping up around the country.

The Waddlers class at My Gym is a program designed to teach kids under two gross motor skills. Simply put, how to use the large muscles of the body at a very early age, hopefully giving these toddlers a physical advantage throughout life.

“For him, he was walking earlier, and I just think this gave him a really good outlet. He’s a super physical guy. All he wants to do is run and go and do and so this a great place for him to do it and explore but learn really good skills,” says mother Kyle VanPelt.

Megan Fischer agrees.

“She’s definitely developed gross motor skills a lot more,” she says. “For instance when she started this level class she was the only one that wasn’t walking. She was a little young at 13 months. And within a week she was walking. And I think was a lot due to what they do and what they help build and seeing the other kids.”

While the Waddlers class is aimed at kids 14 to 22 months, My Gym has programs for kids up to 13.

Some are specifically targeted a making these youngsters better at sports.

Dr. Jennifer Weiss is the Director of the Sports Medicine Program at Children’s Hospital.

She likes the idea of getting kids active early but cautions parents about heightened expectations.

“We have to be careful of their bodies. Overuse injuries are an issue even in very young kids in this day and age. So allowing families and children to learn how much is too much, is very important,” Dr. Weiss says.

Matt Hendison handles Marketing and Entertainment for My Gym.

He loves to see a former student go on to sports stardom because he or she benefited from early gross motor skills training.

“Our program really, really is about motivating the child. It’s non-competitive. It’s very supportive. And the children generally, if not always, show growth and benefits in a number of ways,” he says.

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