GSP: Stay safe Memorial Day Weekend

CORDELE, Georiga (41NBC/WMGT) – Memorial Day weekend is around the corner, but so are police officers.

The Georgia Department of Public Safety encourages residents to wear seat belts, get designated drivers, and follow the speed limits.

Colonel Mark McDonough, from Georgia State Patrol, wants to decrease the number of fatalities on waterways and roads this weekend.

“It seems like it’s socially acceptable in our society to be killed in an automobile and whether you die that way or other ways, it’s unacceptable,” he said. “Especially when the majority of those fatalities occur because of driver error that could be avoided.”

Colonel McDonough says he wants everyone to be more alert and less distracted this weekend.

“This [cellphone] is a great modern thing that we all depend on, but it kind of conditions us to respond respond respond. Well, when you’re behind the wheel of the car, your attention needs to be on the roadway, ” McDonough said. “It needs to be on the folks around you, not buried in answering a text.”

Harris Blackwood, Director of the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, says highway fatalities need to decrease.

“We’ve had 554 people killed [this year] on the road in this state and that just too many. That’s an unacceptable number,” he said.

Blackwood says the goal is 0 fatalities.

“You know when I was younger folks were very courteous when they were on the roadway and today it seems like a dog eat dog type, me first,” McDonough said.



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