GOP sweeps mid-term elections; Georgia officials hope to better the state

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – As election season wraps up for 2014, Republicans swept the ballot for the 2014 mid-term elections. 

The biggest winners in the state came from the U.S. Senate and governors races. 

“We will continue to make Georgia the best place in the country for every possible thing you can imagine,” Governor Nathan Deal said. 

It’s a call to action winners in Tuesday’s election want to make clear to Georgia voters.

“Together we will make Georgia and America the best place on Earth for our kids and grand kids,” U.S. Senator-elect David Perdue said. 

He and Deal say they’re strong willed on turning things around for the better. 

“Jobs, environment, family life, best place to live. We have it all going for us and we’re going to keep it moving in that direction,” Deal said. 

It was a tough night for democrats — gubernatorial candidate Jason Carter and U.S. Senate candidate Michelle Nunn addressed their supporters in their concession speeches, saying even though they lost, they’re ready to help build up the state. 
“I hope that all of us succeed in making this state the great powerhouse that we all know it can be,” Carter said. 
“I offered David my strongest possible support as he works to unite Georgia and to build bridges across party lines,” Nunn said.
So what does this mean moving forward? 
Political analyst Tom Ellington says more gridlock in D.C. is almost a certainty. 
“In terms of getting legislation moved, you already had divided government, it’s just a different form of divided government now so you can expect continued gridlock on that,” Ellington said. 
Despite those predictions, Perdue is aiming to create a bipartisan Washington.
“The one thing that I take away from all of this is that you want to change the direction of our country,” Perdue said.
Ellington thinks that will be a tough task.
“The big thing is going to be for nominations because the President could count on nominees getting confirmed by a democratic controlled senate,” he said. 
The newly elected officials are optimistic — and say they’re going to do what’s best for the people in the state. 
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