GOP “outsider” challengers try to unseat Georgia incumbents

ATLANTA (AP) – This election season has brought a groundswell of support for political outsiders, and candidates in several of Georgia’s congressional districts are hoping to ride that to victory in the May 24 primary.

Several incumbent Republican congressmen are fielding challengers from their own party, all making similar promises to stop “career politicians.”

Rep. Doug Collins, of the 9th District, and Rep. Barry Loudermilk of the 11th District each face four challengers. Both districts are friendly to GOP candidates, increasing the primary stakes. If no candidate wins a majority, the top two go to a July runoff.

Collins and Loudermilk both say they can make a successful pitch for re-election, but their challengers hope political experience isn’t a draw for voters. Experts though say that argument usually can’t overcome incumbents’ advantages.

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