Google’s next internet-connected home device helps with sleep

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March 17, 2021

Google’s next internet-connected home device will help people get enough sleep.

New sleep-sensing technology will be a key feature on Google’s latest version of its Nest Hub, a 7-inch smart screen. 

The $100 Nest Hub can display pictures and video in addition to fielding questions and handling household tasks through Google’s voice-activated assistant. It also doesn’t feature a camera.


Tiger Woods is back on video games.

New York-based software firm Take-Two Interactive announced it partnered with Woods on a licensing deal to use his name, image, and likeness and it allows the iconic PGA Tour figure to be featured on its golf game, PGA Tour 2K. Woods will also join 2K as executive director


TikTok will shift to more personalized ads starting April 15.

They will be based on users’ in-app activities, such as liked videos and interactions with ads.

Users can opt-out by making the settings change themselves.


A new app allows you to leave meetings by creating fake sounds.

The tool will play sounds so unbearable on your Zoom call that other people will want you to sign off.

The creator of Zoom Escaper says he made it because he was thinking of ways to sabotage work. 

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