Gifted students receive protective glasses for solar eclipse viewing

MILLEDGEVILLE, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Next week, many people will be looking up to the sky. Gifted students say they’re excited for what they’ve studied in the text come to real life.

“I’ve never actually seen a solar eclipse before and the idea of it is just really really amazing,” says eighth grader Diana Cazacu.

“It is exciting because it’s like a once in a lifetime thing,” eighth grader Tyrel Ray adds.

Students at Oak Hill Middle School are getting ready for a day many will remember forever. On August 21st the moon’s shadow will totally block the sun in northern Georgia. in middle Georgia, we will see only 3 percent sunlight at the peak in the early afternoon. Astronomers like Dr. Donovan Domingue are educating teachers about the eclipse and how to view it safely.

He gave out protective glasses to students so they will be able to get a closer look at the eclipse while staying safe. He considers it the perfect time to get students interested in science.

“I think most astronomers know that many other places have had eclipses in the past and we see that schools sometimes do not participate. So I think it’s been an ongoing conversation amongst astronomers to make sure that we help schools participate in eclipses,” Domingue explains.

Middle schoolers designed a model of the solar eclipse out of a cardboard box by cutting out two circles to represent the moon and the sun.

“Make it like a peep hole so it can be dark and then moving a piece of black paper over the light so it gives you the illusion of making the solar eclipse of how the moon pass through the sun,” Ray continues.

Students say they learned more about the eclipse by getting the hands on learning.

Eighth grader Ramiyah Hall says, “I think it’s very good for us to just see like a small visual of the eclipse because I’m pretty sure no one in our class got the experience to see a solar eclipse before.”

An experience that many won’t get a chance to see for the next 28 years.

About 10,000 custom-made protective glasses were donated by Georgia College. They are giving the glasses to students at schools throughout Jones and Baldwin counties.


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