Gift cards may be the most popular gift during the holidays

Macy’s has no plans to restore Donald Trump’s clothing line now that the election is over.

Originally the department store chain dropped the line after Trump made controversial comments about Mexicans.

But now Macy’s CEO Terry Lundgren says it’s not about politics but rather changing up its mix.

He says he wouldn’t sell a Hillary Clinton pantsuit line either.

More than half of all consumers say at least some of the presents they plan to give this year will be gift cards, according to a new national bank rate survey.

Just 27 percent of Americans say they would prefer to receive a gift card over an actual gift during the holidays.

Stocks soared again.

The Dow closed at a new record high.

There are also hopes that Trump will propose plans to boost infrastructure spending, drill more for oil and also push back on some of the attacks against drug and bio-tech companies for price hikes on key medications.

Mylan will begin selling a generic version of the EpiPen next month.

The wall street journal says a two pack of the life saving pens will cost about 300 dollars—half the retail price.

Another company is also selling a generic version soon, called the Auvi-Q.

National parks and forests that charge entry fees will be free to all visitors this Veterans Day.

It’s a way to get America into the outdoors on a day we honor those who have fought for our country.

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