Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation’s Fall Ramble Coming Oct 8-10

Coming to Macon on October 8th-10th is the Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation’s Fall Ramble. The Hay House is a property of the Georgia Trust, so to get an idea of what audiences can expect from the event, we sat down with the Director of the Hay House Mr. Ennis Willis.

“So a ramble is a three day event starting on Friday. Ours will start on Friday October 8th and go through Sunday. During those three days guests, our paid patrons and paid guests can take advantage of the opportunity to see residential properties and gardens and places of worship and commercial buildings and other historical structures that they wouldn’t, they’d be very unlikely to have access to otherwise. So it’s a great chance to see places that you’ve always wondered about. The Hay House will be open for tours of course all weekend as it always is.

So this year we’ve partnered with Historic Macon Foundation and with Newtown Macon and our three organizations have been working on this for over a year now. We are very much looking forward to it and expecting several hundred people to be in town for it.

The way to buy tickets is to go online to options to buy tickets will be there. You can buy tickets for the entire three days. Tickets for our Georgia Trust Patrons will be $280 for the full weekend and $310 for nonmembers and remember that includes all the meals and the conviviality. You can buy tickets for individual parts of the ramble like a single day, and that’s of course less money but the prices are staggered depending on how much of the tour you want to take on. We have more sites on the tour than anybody will be able to see all of them. Nobody will be able to I don’t think. So you’ll have to pick and choose.

We want everybody to come who is able to come and just go online and you can see what you have to do to be able to attend.” -Ennis Willis/Director of the Hay House

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