Georgia Secretary of State addresses election results

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger is holding a news conference at 3pm at the State Capitol on the election and the work of Georgia’s election officials.

Watch below (livestream from Georgia Public Broadcasting):


The winner of the presidential race is still up in the air — two days after the election.

Votes are being counted in several key states – with razor-thin margins separating Trump and Biden.

One of those states is Georgia.

Gabriel Sterling, Voting System Implementation Manager at the Georgia Secretary of State’s office, says efforts are underway to determine how many outstanding provisional ballots still need to be counted.

“These are 159 Election Directors and employees who are here doing the job to protect democracy”, Sterling said.

He added, “When you go to talk to them, they think about that. They think about the votes of every person in this room and around the country. These are people who are not involved in voter fraud. These people are not involved in voter suppression.

“I am telling you they’re doing their jobs every day. It is hard. We are thankful for them for it, and we are going to work with them to make sure every legal, lawful ballot is counted”, Sterling said.

He emphasized that even though the count is taking a long time, it’s not because of either voter suppression or fraud.

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CNN’s John King breaks down how President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden are performing in the battleground state of Georgia as the 2020 presidential election results come in. Approximately 50,000 ballots are still outstanding, according to state election officials.


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