Georgia Ranked 5th in nation for hot car death, says

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Hot car deaths continue in Georgia with another baby dead Tuesday in Atlanta.

According to, Georgia ranks 5th in the nation for these deaths.

Todd Braswell, ER Services Director at the Coliseum Medical Center, said when someone is in a hot car, their body will attempt to cool down, but sometimes the heat is too much.

“Your internal temperatures will continue to rise and yes your internal organs will begin to fail and break down and you’ll go into a irreversible state that metabolically it’s almost impossible to recover from,” Braswell said.

Karen Scofill is  mom and grandmother from Lizella who said she doesn’t get how people can leave their loved ones in the car.

“I don’t really understand that. I don’t know how you do that. But I guess, you know, sometimes people get crazy and they just forget, but I don’t understand that,” Scofill said.

When she hears that someone left their baby in the car, she is filled with emotion.

“Sadness and probably some anger that someone would do something like that. Like I said I don’t really know how you do it,” Scofill said. “But I know that it happens and it’s a sad thing, and I don’t know how the parents overcome it.”

Scofill said it’s second nature for her to grab her grandchildren.

But, if you are forgetful Braswell said there are some ways to prevent yourself from forgetting you baby.

“Put something with the passenger that you can’t get out the car without, your shoes, your pocket book or something that will remind you, well oops, I need to check the backseat or something.”

The manager of said they fully support the House Cars Act of 2017.

It’s a bill which would require cars to have an alert system in the vehicle, so parents won’t forget their kids.



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