GBI explains what to do if an active shooting occurs in your neighborhood

CENTERVILLE, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – A stand-off between an officer and resident in a Centerville neighborhood may have comes as a shock to neighbors, but investigators say that doesn’t mean it can’t be happen again.

Though there’s no way to predict an incident like that, there is a way GBI investigators say civilians can protect themselves in that kind of situation.

Residents in Centerville didn’t know what was coming their way Friday night when a neighbor on Jeannette Place began firing rounds of ammunition from inside his home–hitting a responding officer.

“The incident that we responded to Friday night was a pretty unique situation where we had a subject that came outside. He fired on offices outside,” said GBI Special Agent JT Ricketson.

Investigators say bullets from the shooter flew in every direction and those rounds could’ve hit anyone.

“He started indiscriminately firing outside of his window and his front door. As we were working our crime scene we actually found bullet strikes that hit the road way, that hit trees across the street and also a fence that was across the street,” he explained.

Special agent JT Ricketson says it’s important for people to be prepared in situations like that one and know what to do in that rare circumstance.

“The SWAT teams that were arriving on scene were doing their best to try and clear those residents because anybody that was probably within 100 yards of that house was in danger. This subject was firing a high powered rifle and a couple of handguns,” Ricketson continued.

Going away from the danger whether that’s the opposite side of your home or leaving your home altogether under the direction of authorities is the best option for safety.

GBI agents recovered dozens of shell casings during their investigation and even found fragments of bullets in places where the shells bounced off of one object and onto something else.

That means no walking over to see what happened or what’s happening, or facebook live posts of the incident. Stay in doors or behind objects that could shield you from bullets in case of an emergency.

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