Gas prices may rise

Gas prices may start to edge higher soon.

OPEC surprised most analysts and agreed to cut oil production.

They are sick of living with low oil prices and want to drive oil and gas prices higher.

That means we could pay more at the pump soon.

Some parents say this ‘Peeping Tom’ Halloween decoration is just a little too real.

Home Depot says it will pull the scary peeper creeper from its stores.

This is the latest example of retail buyers choosing an item to sell in stores that hits a wrong note with consumers.

Energy stocks pushed the overall market higher on that OPEC cut in oil production.

Investors were also digesting plenty of Fed speeches.

The Dow rose 110 points.

Air rage incidents are on the rise.

The International Air Transport Association says there was one air rage situation for every 1200 flights in 2015.

Most situations involved passengers refusing to follow crew member instructions, verbal abuse, and other anti-social behavior.

And raise your glass, the giant beer merger is now a done deal.

SAB Miller and InBev have crossed the final hurdle in their 103 billion dollar deal.

The deal brings together well known brands such as Budwesier, Peroni, and Stella Artois.

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