Free clinic in Fort Valley looking to expand

FORT VALLEY, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – A handful of volunteer doctors in Fort Valley say dozens of residents can use their help. 

Crews at the Feed Center Outreach Ministry Medical Clinic are looking to expand their facility to help more people.

If you spend a few minutes with Claudette Umoessien, she’ll tell you she’s grateful. 

The grandmother has been in and out of the hospital for years because of her diabetes and her bills have stacked up.

“I was no longer able to pay the $125 payment to go see a doctor,” Umoessien said. 

For the last two years, she’s gone to the clinic. 

Rooms fill the clinic, packed with medical equipment. 

“There’s a lot of people who are uninsured, underinsured children, grown-ups. They do everything from lab work to calling the specialists for you. It just helps everyone,” said Umoessien. 

She added, “Seeing the doctors that I’ve had in the last few years, which is probably anywhere between 6 to 10, he’s the best medical care I’ve ever had.”

The “he” Umoessien is talking about is Dr. George Shoup. 

The retired doctor along with several others see patients Monday through Friday, and they do it all for free. 

“I grew up with multiple advantages that most people don’t have, and I’m trying to give back a little bit,” Shoup said. 

The clinic, funded by private donations, is open to anyone with or without insurance. 

“They log in  a lot of hours for a lot people for no money at all, no fee, and they really care and you feel that way,” Umoessien said. 

Shoup thinks its his responsibility to provide that care. 

“To whom much is given, much is expected.  I mean I sort of try to live that,” Shoup said. 

A message Umoessien is not taking for granted. 

There are plans to add a volunteer dental facility right next door to the clinic. 

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