Francar’s Buffalo Wings Brings Spicy Back

MACON, Georgia (41 NBC/WMGT) — If you ask Francar’s Buffalo Wings what’s in a chicken wing, they’ll tell you what matters is the sauce you put on them.

“A lot of the sauces were requested by the students, not necessarily by name but by type, spicier with this flavor or this flavor,” says Francar’s owner Carl Fambro.

After getting out of the service, Fambro decided he wanted to work for himself. Now, he and his wife Sharon work together to run the business off of Linden Avenue.

Sharon says her husband loves what he does.

“He goes in the kitchen and just thinks about stuff, and if it’s a good idea for him then he’ll put it together and if he likes it, he’ll make me try it and if we like it, then we let the customers try it and if the customers like it, we’ll name it and put it on the menu,” said Sharon.

Carl says he enjoys traveling around the country and trying different spices.

“I talk to spice growers, spice sellers, I talk to students, I talk to customers, ask them what are you looking for and then I try to create it,” says Carl.

Customers all says it’s tough to beat the prices and the food.

“It’s perfect, we can get in and get out, Carl and them are really quick, the food is great, you’re not going to find any better wings in town anywhere,” according to Steve Bell.

Mercer student and regular customer Kathleen Richardson says, “It’s just really good, it’s something I can always come to and know I’m going to get a really good meal.”

Francar’s Buffalo Wings Lemon Pepper with a Kick Sauce
32 oz. of hot sauce
1/3 cup of lemon pepper seasoning
8 oz. water
1 stick of margarine
1/2 tablespoon Worcestershire Sauce
1 tablespoon cornstarch

Combine the liquids together in large pot. Stir.
Melt margarine in separate bowl, then add to liquids
Mix powder ingredients in separate bowl
Combine wet and dry ingredients using a whisk
Heat at medium temperature for 10 minutes, DO NOT LET MIXTURE BOIL

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