FPD students write cards to lift spirits of healthcare workers

"It makes me feel appreciated and that people out there do see what we're doing."

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) — A picture might be worth a thousand words, but a thank you card from a child is priceless.

Elizabeth Coplan, a 3K teacher at First Presbyterian Day School, started the project last year when a parent of one of her students gave her the idea to encourage healthcare workers. The parent works at Piedmont Macon as a surgeon. Coplan loved the idea and had her class send cards.

“We ended up making 50 or so cards just to be put around the hospital, given to everyone, just to remind the doctors and the nurses working really hard that we love them, and that we’re praying for them,” she said.

Coplan decided to do the project again this year. She says it’s the least they could do to encourage and support healthcare workers.

“It doesn’t just stop after the first cards were delivered,” she said. “We’re still praying for you, we’re still thankful for you. So I definitely see us going on until hopefully all of this is over, but even past that. They work hard, so why not encourage them?”

Gabriella Taunton, a nurse at Piedmont Macon, says the cards warmed her heart after working hard. It gave her a chance to relax for a few minutes while reading them.

“It makes me feel appreciated and that people out there do see what we’re doing,” she said.

Briana Allen, who is also a nurse at Piedmont Macon, just graduated nursing school in May and began working at the hospital in July. Allen says it’s uplifting to see the cards on a daily basis.

“You get about halfway through the day and are like, ‘Man I’m so tired,’ and you just kind of walk by these. It’s just,  it helps, it’s very nice.”

Taunton urges people to stay safe and follow precautions to avoid getting Covid.

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