Fort Valley Mayor Barbara Williams celebrates 100 days in office

FORT VALLEY, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – 100 days in office, it’s an early milestone for Fort Valley Mayor Barbara Williams, but an important one.

She was the first African-American female mayor elected in the Peach Capitol of the World.

It’s been 100 days.

“Oh no I wasn’t really counting that way, I was thinking three months and so many days,” said Fort Valley Mayor Barbara Williams.

Barbara Williams has been busy down in Fort Valley.

“Time flies, well, when you’re having fun,” said Williams.

And having to work a little too.

“It’s been challenging, it’s been busy–but I’m enjoying every minute of it,” said Williams.

Williams was elected Mayor of Fort Valley and took office 100 days ago, and she’s so far, she’s logged a lot of hours.

“Sometimes, the staff leaves me locked up in here, and I’m still working,” said Williams.

She’s supposed to be a part-time mayor.

“My daughter from out of town will call me and say, are you still at work?” said Williams.

She’s using those long hours to work on some big things to improve the city.

“And I don’t want to say the name just yet, but we are accomplishing that–we are going to have a sit down restaurant in town,” said Williams.

That was a big campaign idea for Williams–more sit down restaurants for a city filled with just fast food joints.

Another idea: a place for young people to hang out.

“I’m developing a conceptual drawing or rendering of the complex that will provide that,” said Williams.

But this progress hasn’t come without those pesky challenges, including the construction on some main downtown roads.

“We have been impeded by the rain,” said Williams. “The contractors are a little bit behind on that and some other things that have happened.”

Challenges? Williams says bring them on.

“You know it’s like being stuck in the mud,” said Williams. “You know if you can’t get that vehicle out, you spin, sometimes you may have to back up and try another route, sometimes you may have to put something under the tire.”

And as the new mayor, maybe sometimes you have to be under that tire to help push the city forward.

“Today’s challenges are tomorrow’s opportunities,”said Williams.

Mayor Williams also mentioned the economic development committee she helped put in place, which has been trying to attract more businesses to Fort Valley.

She said she’s also helped create community gardens around the city, where anyone can go grow food just in time for Spring.

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