Forsyth woman had MLK in her home is now trying to turn house into monument

On this day, we remember Dr. Martin Luther King’s fight for equality. Dr. King didn’t see his 40th birthday, but a woman in Forsyth fights for his spirit to live on.

Maggie Jackson says she’s never been in a fight a day in her life. But if you ask me, she has. Just not physically. She’s fought for equality along side Dr. King himself and now she’s fighting for her home to be turned into a monument.

Jackson was dressed in all black but she isn’t mourning on the 50th anniversary of Dr. King’s assassination. Rather continuing her fight to have Dr. King’s legacy live.

Jackson’s home is where Dr. King sat and ate at during a freedom march. She was about 13 years- old. Her mother opened their home to Dr. King and nearly 200 others. Jackson wasn’t old enough to serve food, but she remembers him smiling at her.

“What has happened in this house is more greater to me than money to me because he was in this house,” she said.

Jackson was also a member of Dr. King’s father’s church. That’s how they got to volunteer to welcome the marchers.

“He decided to come here when there wasn’t for him to go to any other place we took him in because we knew who he was and what he stood for,” Jackson said.

Jackson says she’s reached out to the city of Forsyth about her home. So far, they don’t have interest in making it a monument.

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