Former Macon Mayor C. Jack Ellis calls on city leaders to stop teen violence

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Former Macon Mayor C. Jack Ellis is calling on multiple community groups and agencies to unite to stop the violence. This comes after deputies arrested two teens in the shooting death of another teen this week.

Friday morning, C. Jack Ellis expresses deep concern for youth’s future in Macon. While there are many programs within schools and the sheriff’s office for the youth, it starts at home.

“You can’t say that it’s not our problem, no matter where you live in Macon or Bibb County. This is our problem and we must find solutions,” he said.

After seeing multiple teens die due to gun violence this year, concerns Ellis.

“So if we’re destroying families, destroying communities, sooner or later we’re going to destroy our town and no one will want to live here so we gotta do something about it,” he said.

Ellis is calling on city leaders, the Macon Bibb School District, the faith community, and citizens to unite and get to the root of the problem.

“What school did he attend? When did he drop out? What signs did he show when he was in school, both of them? If both of them dropped out, when did they drop out? How did they perform when they were in school? What behavior did they exhibit,” Ellis asked.

Sergeant Linda Howard with the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office says they collaborate with schools for programs already. She says many times kids have arguments at school, that then carry on after school.

“It’s OK to be a nosy parent, go to their social media, go to their Facebook, friend them, follow them, ask their friends what’s going on,” Howard said.

She adds, it starts at home. If your child leaves the house late or isn’t answering their phone, you may have to ask the sheriff’s office for help.

“Parents don’t want to call on their child, but it’s better to call on your child than for us to call you and tell you your child is no longer with you,” she said.

Kingdom Life Pastor Dominique Johnson says there are programs in place, but it’s a matter of finding resources and time for more ways to help.

According to Howard, over the past year, they have seized 902 guns.  Juveniles sometimes steal guns from breaking into cars. She asks for people to leave your weapons locked up, inside.

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