Former Macon city councilman encourages young voters

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – “Every vote counts out there,” said voter Alex Mims.

Whether you’re someone who’s just voting for president for the first time, or someone who’s got a few elections under their belt and wants to reach out–voting this year is important.

“He make them want to vote just by saying, hey, let’s get in the car,” said Mims.

“You give them a helping hand and let them know it’s important,” said former Macon city councilman Henry Ficklin. “It’s good to help them understand that their life depends upon it.”

Ficklin didn’t even know 20-year-old Alex Mims–but they connected before they even shook hands.

“I’m just walking going on a little break of mine,” said Mims. “And then all the sudden he looked at me and I looked at him. “I thought he knew me from somewhere, I thought he would say hey man do I know you from somewhere? But he was like hey man you vote yet? I was like naw. He was like you wanna go vote? And I was like sure, let’s go vote!”

They hopped into the car and rolled toward Terminal Station for early voting.

“There was a lot of people that walked by, but he picked me,” said Mims.

Mims went inside with Ficklin tagging along.

“This is about their future, and when I run into people like this, I’ve carried a number of young people down here so that they can vote,” said Ficklin.

A little bit of want to and a way to get there is all it takes to connect two generations.

“These millennials they did not come through the same type of things that we’ve come through,” said Ficklin. “And sometimes voting is not as important to them until we impress it upon them–let them know that I will take you it’s just that important to me to use my resources to take you to where you need to be.”

Just extend a hand.

“You know when you put that helping hand out there you think that little positive thinking in the brain,” said Mims. “Boom. You make something magic happen.”

Remember you can vote tomorrow for early voting at the board of elections office in Macon or at Terminal Station.

Election day is November 8th.

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