Former Macon charter school teachers sue for wrongful termination, discrimination

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Three former Cirrus Academy teachers have filed a lawsuit against the school.

Ginger Snow, Susan Campbell and Diana Humble say they were wrongfully terminated and harassed because they’re white.

The lawsuit says they received racially charged, anonymous text messages that called them “crackers,” “Hitler lovers,” and “white nazis,” among other names.

Humble filed a separate lawsuit saying she and Snow were provided with little-to-no startup furniture or supplies for their classrooms, unlike other teachers.

Humble also did not initially receive a planning period as other teachers did.

The texts all three received say Cirrus Academy would be an “all black school” once “we get the whites out” and had references to black power.

The messages included threats of violence against Snow, Campbell and Humble’s families.

They received cell phone photos of themselves at school during school hours.

The lawsuit also says the texts were “clearly being sent by employees.”

There were five white employees of the 60 employees at the school while Campbell and Snow were employed.

The lawsuit says Campbell and Snow complained to the principal, superintendent and school attorney, but they didn’t do anything about it.

The attorney told them they wouldn’t be allowed to address the school board, even though they had been told in their employee orientation this was the last place they could address their complaint if their chain of command did not satisfactorily address it.

Campbell says she did not receive a raise she was promised, and was arrested without cause.

All three teachers learned they were being paid less than their African-American co-workers with similar positions, even though they all had more experience or higher degrees in education in some cases.

Campbell and Snow, who both have their Masters Degrees in Education, were given more responsibility during the school year, outside of their job descriptions.

Campbell and Snow experienced retaliation, including having personal possessions in their office or classroom taken and destroyed by co-workers, and having their private and telephone conversations eavesdropped by school administrators.

The lawsuit says representatives of school leadership contacted Campbell and Snow’s cell phone companies, said the phones were school property, and demanded all of the phone records.

It also alleges the Campbell and Snow were told their careers would be taken away if they continued to report the harassment, and school leadership would call area schools and ruin their representations.

41NBC reached out to Cirrus Academy, but the school decided not to comment.

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