Florence’s Damage: Dealing With Insurance

(NBC News) Damage assessments from Hurricane Florence are just getting started, and so are the calls from homeowners to their insurance agents.

“You really need to do whatever you can to kind of get in line with the insurance company as quickly as possible,” advises Kiplinger.com’s Kim Lankford.

Lankford says even if you’ve evacuated, and haven’t made it home keep your insurance company informed.

Also, as soon as possible, document the damage to your property.

“Take your cellphone camera and video everything,” she says. “Walk around the house. Walk around inside, that’s all going to be important evidence when you file your claim.”

There’s another benefit to contacting your agent quickly as well.

“A key thing that homeowner insurance policies cover that people don’t realize is that it could also cover your expenses to live outside your home while your home is getting fixed,” Lankford notes.

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