Flint Energies Rewards Theft Tips

Crime doesn’t pay, but catching a criminal could.

 Flint Energies has announced a new reward program for information about copper and power thieves.

 The company will give $250 to anyone who gives information about metal or power theft that leads to a conviction. Because Flint Energies is a Non-profit the lost value of metal and power falls on their customers.

“As a not for profit electrical cooperative, when someone steals from us or uses energy they don’t pay for, it means the other members of Flint have to make up the difference and pay for those costs,” said Jimmy Autry with Flint Energies.

If you see any unusual activity in or around substations, towers, utility poles, storage sites, and other electric utility property, report it to Flint Energies by calling 1-877-55-THEFT.

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