Flame Broiled Blood Pressure

(NBC News) There’s nothing like a flame-broiled burger if you’re a meat eater, the problem is when the juices and fat drip from meat onto an open flame it splatters your steak with something far worse than ketchup, polycyclic hydrocarbons.

“These chemicals are harmful. They cause oxidative stress, they cause inflammation in your body,” said Haitham Ahmed MD at Cleveland Clinic.

A new study links eating charred meats cooked at high temperatures with high blood pressure.

The study found it was the true barbecue enthusiasts who were more likely to develop high blood pressure because red meat is also high in cholesterol and saturated from and typically get paired with salty foods.

“For the average American, though, I think if you’re grilling a few times a week, that should be ok as long as you’re being cognizant of the rest of your diet,” Ahmed suggested.

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