Fired Works Ceramics Exhibit and Sale Back in Town

Today began the return of the sixth annual ceramics exhibit in the historic Round Building in Central City Park. More than 60 artists are packing the building with their work.

Artist Lora Rust has come to sell her artwork for three years in a row now. Her table is full of dinnerware, vases, coffee cups, and anything else you can find on a kitchen table.

“I really, really enjoy making pretty pots,” Rust explains. “I want people to touch the pot, to feel the texture, and to get some enjoyment from that texture.”

Cups, plates, vases, bowls, even figurines can be found when you walk in the door.

Executive Director of the Macon Arts Alliance, Jim Coleman, says there is something for everyone who comes to visit the 10 day event.

“Alot of times art galleries are thought of as places that are exclusive or expensive, which excludes alot of people. At Fired Works, we have things for $20 or $500. So it’s kind of for everybody.”

For more information about the exhibit, including prices and location, you can click here.

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