Financially Fit: Getting Out of Debt and Increasing Credit Score

While it may seem like a difficult task, getting out of debt is possible. William Crosby is one of many who was able to dig himself out of his financial hole.

“I was drowning in debt and now I’m basically free,” says Crosby.

With the help of the Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Middle Georgia, Crosby was able to pay off almost fifty thousand dollars worth of debt by cutting up his credit cards. Kisstina Webb, Community Educator at the CCCS says this is a requirement for clients when they enter into the program.

“They cut credit cards while they’re in our office and then we put them in the water bottle… for them it’s a relief to actually cut them up and feel like ‘I’m moving on with my life, I’m paying it off.'”

Webb says getting out of debt and rebuilding your credit score begins with getting your credit report, paying off any accounts that have gone to collections, and paying all bills that are past due. When all accounts are paid up to date, then you should begin paying down the balances.

Now that he’s out of debt, Crosby says he is much more aware of how he spends.

“I watch what I buy now, and even though I still spend kind of freely, I’m getting more thrifty with my money.

Webb says that even if you’re not in debt and you think your credit score is good, there is always room for improvement.

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