Fidget Cube helps Laurens Co. boy with ADHD

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Fidget Spinners have become so popular, some teachers will take the toy up in class, but one Laurens County student has something a little different that helps him.

It made something in his head click.

“When I first got it, they were like whoa Max, what is that?” said Max Scaggs.

Max Scaggs knows what looks like a toy is actually something more.

“Looking at the board of course, paying attention always, and much more,” said Max Scaggs.

His fidget cube is simple, but helps him concentrate by letting him use his hands to channel energy.

“I was just watching YouTube, and it was just this ad,” said Max Scaggs.

He convinced his mother, Kelly, that it would be a good investment–since it’s geared toward kids with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, like Max.

“Took it to school the next day, it came fairly quickly in mail, and the teacher that afternoon texted me and that afternoon and said where has this been all year?” said Kelly Scaggs.

Max’s behavior became more focused, and it was noticeable.

“He was able to channel all of that energy that kids with ADHD have into the fidget cube,” said Kelly Scaggs.

The simplicity is what helped Max be successful.

“That’s the great thing about the fidget cube,” said Kelly Scaggs. “There’s no lights on it, there’s no sound, it’s very inconspicuous.”

But what has been noticeable is the controversy surrounding the fidget cube’s cousin, the fidget spinner.

Kids treat them too much like toys, and use them during class instead of paying attention.

“Some of the other kids starting getting the fidget cubes and then the spinner came out, he was a little bit upset because people were using it as a toy instead of a tool or a resource for ADHD,” said Kelly Scaggs.

Max’s maturity helps the situation, as does communication with his teacher.

“She didn’t really say anything but okay when she saw the fidget cube,” said Max Scaggs. “She said okay Max, you can use it.”

Kelly wants other parents to be open to buying a cube, because it works.

“Don’t be afraid to try something new, don’t be afraid to do something different,” said Kelly Scaggs. “There is a lot of push back with kids brings things like this to school, I think it is looked at as a distraction. But you don’t ever know until you try.”

Max hopes it will click with other students like him.

Because he didn’t catch the name of cube when he first saw the YouTube ad, Max says he watched tons of videos trying to bring it back up.

He finally found it again, and that’s when he asked his mom to check it out.

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