FAA rules for commerical drones go into effect

The federal government is officially opening America’s skies to drones.

FAA rules for the commercial use of drones go into effect today.

Interested drone pilots must pass an aeronautical exam before they are allowed to fly.

The first exam will be available at 8 a.m. Monday morning, which 33-hundred people have signed up to take.

It’s not just brands of beer that Anheuser-Busch Inbev and SABMiller have had to discard in order to make their 107 billion dollar merger dreams a reality: it could also cost thousands of people their jobs. 

The Wall Street Journal reports that in newly filed documents, A-B Inbev warned that 3 percent of workers could lose their jobs, which would be 55-hundred jobs.

Stocks slumped to end the week after Fed Chair Janet Yellen hinted at the possibility of another interest rate hike this year.

The Dow ended the day down three-tenths of a percent.

Regardless of prices, you shouldn’t buy an epipen on eBay.

Medical daily says epipens, however, fall into the category of drugs that require a prescription but are excluded from the DEA’s controlled substances list.

From a medical standpoint, pharmacists say purchasing prescription drugs online that purportedly were previously dispensed to another patient is a very bad idea.

And Dunkin Donuts decides to keep its cold brew around till the end of the year.

The chain launched the drink nationwide this month, and sales have been “very strong, according to the company.

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