Execution date set for Georgia’s only female death row inmate

ATLANTA (AP) – An execution date has been set for Georgia’s only female death row inmate.

The Attorney General’s office said in a statement Monday that Kelly Renee Gissendaner is scheduled to be executed on February 25.

Gissendaner was convicted of killing her husband Douglas Gissendaner in 1997. Prosecutors have said Gissendaner was having an affair with her co-defendant Gregory Owen and told his sister she was planning to separate from her husband.

Prosecutors say Owen suggested that Gissendaner divorce her husband, but she suggested killing him because she didn’t expect him to leave her alone after they were separated.

Prosecutors say Gissendaner told Owen to kill her husband while she was out with friends and to make robbery look like the motive in his death.

Owen was sentenced to life in prison.

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