Elfster.com helps with Secret Santa gift exchange, saves money

In this week’s Tech Byte, Emily Cassulo tells us how the website — Elfster.com helps people save money by doing a Secret Santa gift exchange.

You can save money by getting a present for only one person, instead of multiple people. Instead of drawing a name out of a hat, you can use Elfster.com as a Secret Santa Generator.

How Elfster.com works

  • Start by entering your name, email address, and password
  • Set up your actual gift exchange
  • Enter a name, RSVP date, gift budget, and how you want to do the exchange
  • Decide who you want to invite to participate (use names and email addresses)
    • Participants will then receive information about the gift exchange
  • Once participants RSVP, the Secret Santa Generator will draw names, and pair those who give and receive gifts

This can help you with making a wish list, and it also helps you buy the perfect gift.

Elfster.com also offers tips for party planning, and fun games to play at your event.

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