Election day off for workers

No tricks, just treats.

Halloween candy sales were strong this year, according to I-H-S Global Insights.

That’s a good sign.

It means consumers feel confident to spend on the holiday and is an indicator of a strong holiday shopping season.

Patagonia is joining other companies that are giving workers a day off on election day, saying it wants to encourage its employees to have the time to elect candidates up and down the ballot who will protect the environment.

There’s been a movement called “take off election day” that has enlisted hundreds of tech companies, mainly smaller ones, to give people Nov. 8 off.

GM and Fiat Chrysler are also giving employees election day off.

Stocks went on a wild ride Friday as news broke of the new Hillary Clinton FBI probe broke.

The DOW ended about 10 points lower after trading 74 points down following the announcement.

The index was trading about 75 points higher before the new probe was announced.

The craft beer market, for years the lone bright spot in an otherwise sluggish industry, is starting to get stale.

The world’s biggest brewer, Budweiser maker Anheuser Busch InBev acknowledged the slowdown for the first time, saying the sector has been decelerating for more than three months.

While many craft brands are still thriving, and few analysts expected the category’s supercharged growth to continue.

Record online sales are expected for thanksgiving weekend.

A record number of consumers are expected skip the crowds and shop online according to a recent holiday forecast by adobe digital insights.

For the first time this year, thanksgiving e-commerce sales are expected to reach $2 billion, almost a 16 percent jump from last year.

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