Dublin City Schools offer free dental screenings

Students were offered dental screenings to check for cavities, gum issues, and absessed teeth just before Halloween.

DUBLIN, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT)–  Students in Dublin City Schools got their teeth checked just in time for Halloween.

The school screenings are part of the Rural Healthcare Services Outreach Program. It gives Dublin City Schools a $200,000 grant each year for four years to offer healthcare services to students. Tonia Spaulding, Director of Mental Health for Dublin City Schools, says the program aims to help every part of students’ well-being.

“First you have to rule out any physical problems before you can move into the mental health piece of what may be going on,” Spaulding said. “If you have children who are having gum issues or problems with their teeth, certainly that can interfere with things that are happening in their little lives.”

On Monday, students got checked for cavities, gum issues, and abscessed teeth all in a minute’s time.

“One of the big reasons we started coming into the schools is because students are missing a lot of school days due to dental pain,” said Dentist, Dr. Valerie Ambrose. “It’s really important to get in and treat their decay and treat their dental problems so they don’t have to stay out of school and miss education.”

Students like Ilyse Redd was glad to get screened because healthy teeth are a priority for her.

“It’s important to have good teeth because if you have bad teeth then you’ll get cavities and then your teeth can’t grow,” Redd explained.

Other students like fourth-grader Aisha Saxena, was a little nervous about the screenings, but says it was quick and painless.

“They just checked with a mirror if it was good or bad, and then you’re done,” Saxena said.

Once the screening is done, parents will get a form about how their child’s teeth look and whether they need emergency dental care.

Dublin City Schools plan to host dental screenings every six months. The next screening will be in April 2022.

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