Dry weather continues this week

Sunshine and low humidity will keep it feeling nice across Middle Georgia for the rest of the week.


It was another gorgeous day across Middle Georgia, from the start in the 50s to the mid 80s and sunshine this afternoon.

Overnight it won’t be quite as chilly across the area, but lows will still fall into the low 60s.

Thursday brings another sunny day to the southeast with highs in the mid 80s and low humidity.

The forecast won’t change much between now and Friday so enjoy the low humidity and below normal temperatures.
Meanwhile, in the tropics, we now have Tropical Depression Seven in the Atlantic (as of writing this at 9pm).

The track for seven will bring it over Puerto Rico and Hispaniola this weekend.

Typically tracks like this will weaken the system so it will be interesting to see what happens next week.
Back at home we will continue our trend of mostly dry weather.

With the dry weather we will reintroduce 90s back to the forecast for next week with some increased humidity as well.

Forecasts are trending dry and hot for much of next week, so enjoy the break for the rest of this week.

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