Dr. Dallemand Proposes Changes to School District

Dr. Romain Dallemand presented his proposal to the Bibb County Board of Education members today, utilizing a ‘cut from the top’ method to save money.

His presentation to the board included cutting 16 administrative positions from Central Office. He says the cuts will make the system more effective, as well as stronger.

“This is about maximizing efficiencies,” Dallemand explained. “Businesses are all about maximizing their efficiencies. And that’s what I did and presented to the board.”

While the cost cutting move will eliminate positions, Dallemand’s plan will also save, or create, six others. He also figures it will save approximately $1 million.

But Dallemand says the move to become more efficient is more than just saving money. He says the plan will affect students, by increasing performance in the classroom.

“It is a system, where we can take our students who are performing at the bottom, to the top. Or we can take those who are performing in the middle, and have them perform at a higher level. And our top performing students to soar even higher.”

Dallemand would not say specifically who’s positions would be cut. The changes to the administration will take effect July 1st. 

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