Deputies hand out cash instead of tickets

FORSYTH, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Seventy people were pulled over in Monroe County this week. Luckily for drivers, deputies were taking orders from a secret Santa.

The sound of sirens and blue lights can make many drivers uneasy.

“Most of the time when someone gets pulled over, they’re going to get a ticket,” said Deputy Holly Martinage.

Like all Monroe County Sheriff’s Office deputies, Dep. Martinage is responsible for keeping roads and the community safe.

“You do see so many people at their worst, and you see a lot of stuff,” said Dep. Martinage.

This time, she took orders from a secret Santa and gave people more than just a warning when pulling them over.

Michael Smith thought he was getting a ticket for having a headlight out, but instead, Dep. Martinage handed him a hundred dollar bill. One hundred dollars Smith said he really needed, especially around the holidays with three kids.

“Everything I’ve been making is going towards Christmas because my wife doesn’t work,” said Smith. “Believe me, it’s a blessing.”

This year, an anonymous donor gave the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office $7,000 to hand out this holiday.

“We come out here on a daily basis and we do write tickets for traffic violations,” Dep. Martinage said. “So it’s very warming when you can actually help people and show them sometimes there is a good side to getting pulled over.”

Cierra Crowder who also received cash said she was “Thankful, very thankful.”

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