Delta apologizes for system outage

Delta Airlines CEO took to video for a big “I’m sorry” to passengers stranded due to a system outage.

Ed Bastian said all hands were on deck to get the system back up and running.

Hundreds of flight were canceled, hundreds more delayed.

The computer systems that make modern air travel work are huge, efficient, helpful, and largely automated — but their sprawling, hands-off nature can compound misery when something goes wrong.

American department stores are in trouble.

Sales are down this summer. One category that has been suffering amid department stores’ struggles is the designer handbag, which has long been a status symbol for American women.

Key handbag brands — like Michael Kors, Coach, and Kate Spade — have been hurting recently as consumers shop at the companies’ cheaper outlet stores instead of buying full-price items at department stores.

And stocks closed lower, falling from record highs.

It was a mostly listless day of August trade with the Dow slipping 14 points.

Energy stocks were the winners on higher oil prices.

Starbucks says it will carry almond milk.

The company says its one of its most requested ideas of all time so it will be rolled out into 46-hundred stores by the end of September.

With this, Starbucks will become one of the largest sellers of almond milk beverages in the nation.

Finally, it’s no longer a test—Burger King’s Whopperito is going nationwide.

The “not quite a burger and not quite a burrito” hybrid will be in restaurants starting August 15th.

The Whopperito won’t be a permanent addition to the BK menu, but will be around for three to four months.

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