Defendant: “It was either me or her”

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – “It was either her or me,” said Bobby Lee Fordham as he testified struggling over a knife with live in girlfriend Candace Rice.

Fordham’s testimony came during his murder trial. He is accused of killing Rice in 2012.

Rice’s father told the jury he was concerned about his daughter. Family members were calling her phone and Rice was not answering.

They called the police who met Rice’s father at the home. The dad described how he broke into her home, by going through a window.

Once inside he said he noticed how cold it was in the house but still no sign of Candace.
The police officer noticed the bedroom door was locked. U was able to pry it open, said Mr. Rice on the stand.

The officer spotted the victim on the floor.

“Her body was wrapped up in a blanket,” said Mr. Rice taking deep breaths as he testified.

Judge Sims offered to excuse Mr. Rice from the courtroom.
“I’m alright,” replied Rice .
The defense and state has rested their case in the murder trial of Bobby Lee Fordham.
I will rewrite this with accurate spelling of names. The victim’s 12 year old son Darius Williams also testified today. He told the court he overheard the couple fighting and heard his mom yell,”stop “

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