Death penalty protestor spreads message in Macon

A Byron woman peacefully protested in front of Macon’s government center Tuesday night, spreading awareness about what she calls “needless killings.”

59-year-old Marcus Wellons was denied a stay of execution Tuesday night. He’s set to die by lethal injection for the rape and murder of his 15-year-old Cobb County neighbor in 1993.

Mary Legare is in full support of ending Georgia’s death penalty. She came to Macon armed with signs and bold messages like “Millions to kill, pennies to heal.”

Legare says it costs three times as much money to put an inmate to death as it does to keep them behind bars for life.

“I believe we’re safe when they’re incarcerated. I don’t believe we’re made any safer by the use of the death penalty, and I believe it degrades us as human beings to participate in that,” said Legare.

Legare is also concerned that Georgia is using a drug that isn’t federally approved.

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