Dangers of Rolling Meth Labs

Mobile methamphetamine labs have been found in car trunks, vans, trailers and inside of bags. Meth makers may think they have less of a chance getting caught with a lab on wheels, but the result is a higher risk for an explosion.

In 2005, Twiggs County Sheriff Darren Mitchum responded to a car accident where he later discovered a working meth lab and two sticks of dynamite inside the trunk of a car. Mitchum says, “It was only by the grace of God that car did not blow up and kill them and the people that hit them.”

During the first 14 months of Mitchum being in office, Twiggs County Sheriff’s Investigators seized 13 meth labs. Although they aren’t as prevalent now, the dangers of rolling meth labs still exist.

Lt. Robert Rodgers of Twiggs County Sheriff’s Office says, “The least little spark, static electricity could actually cause these labs to explode at a certain stage.”

A meth lab on wheels could be parked next to you or driving beside you. Chief Deputy Billy Boney says the worst part is seeing the obsession develop from the use of this substance. “They let their family, their children, their parents, everything becomes secondary to meth and it just ruins their lives.”

Meth labs can explode, catch fire and contaminate the surrounding areas.

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