Crowded Houston County BOE Post 7 race filled with unique candidates

PERRY, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – One of the many elections in Houston County coming up soon is the run for Post 7 on the Houston County School Board.

It’s a seat that will be vacated by Dave McMahan.

The Houston County Board of Education’s race for Post 7 is a crowded one.


Five candidates want your vote, and each say they have qualities you’re bound to want to vote for.


Andy Rodriguez touts his volunteer work with the school system.


“I’m already in the system,” said Rodriguez. “Now my opponents I love them and please pray for all of us so we can do the right thing by the children and the taxpayers. But, I’m there. If you’re involved in the school system, you’ve seen me in the school system. You don’t have to wonder well, who’s Andy? I’m already in the school system.”


Robbin Jackson says his vast experience with kids and schools in the county is his best quality.


“I’m the only candidate that has taught in nearly every school in Houston County,” said Jackson. “And I have been around the school system for over 38 years so I feel that I am the most qualified.”


Bryan Upshaw is in the construction business, and he knows the board has to deal with a lot of construction projects.


“With that growth we have to have new infrastructure and continue to maintain the old infrastructure, and I think I could help aid in those decisions on projects that are being performed,” said Upshaw.


Doug Wechsler brings lots of experience in finance–he has worked in accounting for years.


“Being a Houston County School system it’s a government entity,” said Wechsler, “I’ve got 26 years working for the federal government in accounting and finance. I bring a lot of information I bring a lot of knowledge with me on how it should be run in terms of the accounting and finance rules.”


41NBC reached out to the final candidate, Tannya Duncan, multiple times throughout the week.

She didn’t return our calls.

Remember: the vote is May 20th.

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