Crawford County manager instills new mindset, goals

ROBERTA, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – The Crawford County Manager is aiming make the county more efficient.

He’s using a new mindset to achieve goals.

County Manager Fabian Hollis just took the job in February.

He’s working to save Crawford County money and time.

“Well the county buys plumbing stuff from us, we carry a little bit of electrical,” said Chuck Starnes. “They buy paint.”

Chuck Starnes and his brother Obie run the True Value Hardware Store in Roberta.

“A little bit of a lot of stuff,” said Starnes.

And what they sell–the county needs.

“We try to support the county in ways and have the county support us and other local retailers,” said Starnes.

But the county didn’t always put an emphasis on buying local. County Manager Fabian Hollis aims to change that.

“Taxpayers are paying us dollars to run the county,” said Hollis. “We should be spending the money back into the county to local businesses who like it, it helps them stay in business.”

It’s a new mindset he calls Continual Processing Improvement.

“It’s a new way of executing, and it’s a new way of getting the job done,” said Hollis. “If you continually do the job the same, day by day, year by year, then you’re probably doing it wrong.”

He takes small bits of each work process, assesses what can be better, and executes.

“That’s every facet, every department, every job,” said Hollis.

Hollis believes his mindset led him to realize he can help the Crawford County economy by putting an emphasis on buying supplies locally–whether it’s lights in offices, tires on county vehicles, or hardware to fix county equipment.

“It makes sense, and if you spend your money within your county, your county gets better,” said Hollis. “If you spend your money outside your county, that county gets better. Why are we helping other counties when we’re not really helping ourselves?”

And Starnes is always happy to help.

“We’re ready to help them any way we can, and we appreciate their business,” said Starnes.

Hollis has added flags and a projector screen in the County Commission chambers.

He says he’s realized how much more efficient the county could be by making small changes every day.

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