Crawford Co. Sheriff responds to pet owner’s accusation of investigators beheading his dog

BYRON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – A Crawford County man is mourning the loss of his dog after authorities were called to the home of a neighbor who was bitten by the dog.

They say the animal then directed its aggressive behavior toward the officers and shots were fired. What happened next is shocking to say the least.

Video of Byron resident Joe Goodwin being asked to behead his dead dog after it attacked a neighbor and officers has gone viral online.

“On Friday evening, The Crawford County Sheriff’s office responded to a call that a person had been bitten by a dog,” said Sheriff Lewis Walker.

Walker says after arriving on the scene to assist the woman who was bitten, the responding deputy had a second run-in with that same dog.

“He went to make contact with the owner of the dog and when he pulled into the drive way and got out of the vehicle that same dog approached him again in an aggressive manner,” said Walker.

That’s when he pulled out his service revolver and fired shots. Things continued to escalate when an investigator with the deputy demanded the owner cut off his dogs head as a means of checking for rabies.

“Once we determine that a person has been bit by a dog, we call the Crawford County Health Department to make them aware, we get the owner’s name of the dog and we can ask if the dog has its rabies shot or a shot record of that. If so, we can just report that over to Crawford County,” he said.

If not, Sheriff Walker says it’s still up to the Health Department to deal with but by looking at the video that doesn’t seem to be what happened. Here’s the deputy placing the dog’s head into a grocery bag.

“You know sometimes you go to a call, and it could go from one situation to another but this is not (something) we go out to try and put down anyone’s animal,” he said.

The sheriff’s office is in the process of reviewing the video released so they can make sense of what happened and to decide what will happen next.

The video has received countless replies, comments and shares on a number of websites including Facebook–23,000 views to be exact. Sheriff Walker says neither the investigator or deputy have been suspended at this time.

Meanwhile, Goodwin hinted at taking legal action against the county on Facebook asking if anyone knew a good lawyer.

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