Coyote Removal Helps Georgia wildlife

FORT VALLEY, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – About 70,000 coyotes are killed during deer season (September – January), according to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.

The Department created the Coyote Challenge as a way to help reduce the number of coyotes in Georgia and to help wildlife.

Mark Wooley, a hunter in Monroe County, won a lifetime hunting license after turning in two coyotes.

“In Georgia Coyotes have no natural predator, so if we don’t get out there and do our part to help manage the numbers, you know then nothing will,” Wooley said.

He said he lures coyotes in by using a recorded animal noise.

“We’ll take an electronic call that will play a sound that will mimic their prey to help lure them in to gun range,” Wooley said.

Kevin Kramer, Region Supervisor for Game Management Region 4, said it’s important for hunters to kill coyotes to save baby deer.

“It’s beneficial to get the hunters out there to remove the coyotes at the time of the year when it’s going to have the most impact on the reducing of the predation of white tail deer fawn,” Kramer said.

He said it’s easy for hunters to join the challenge.

“If they want to participate in this challenge they can bring the animals to any Game Management Office in the state and they’re are also several law enforcement offices that will record the harvest as well,” Kramer said.

Each participate can submit up to five coyotes each month to enter a monthly drawing for a lifetime hunting license.

Wooley said he is excited that he won the lifetime license and now wants to help his oldest son get one.

He said it’s important for him to teach his sons how to hunt, like his grandpa did for him.

“They love going out and hunting, it’s something that my grandfather passed on to me and you know I’m passing it on to them,” Wooley said.

The Coyote Challenge will end in late August.

If you want to know where you can bring coyotes and learn more rules about the challenge, visit the Department of Natural Resources website.

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