County official, Macon Water Authority address area flooding

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) — Some areas of Macon-Bibb County flood after heavy rainfall. Residents argue it’s caused from clogged drain pipes. The county says that’s right, but it’s a little more to it. 

41NBC reached out to the county and Macon Water Authority, to find out how they deal with flooding and what residents should do if they see it. 

“You have a lot of pipes underground and in culverts so when you see a ditch on the side of the road you’re not going to see a ditch when that water runs under a driveway,”  said Chris Floore with Macon-Bibb Public Affairs department. 

Floore says drainage systems, ditches, and culverts flood if clogged. He says people can’t tell if the pipes are clogged until it rains.

Executive Director for the Macon Water Authority, Tony Rojas, says for underground sewage systems like the one underneath downtown, clogging isn’t the issue. It’s the size of the underground pipes.

“There is a 68-inch pipe and it flows into a 36-inch pipe so when it was designed the smaller pipe just can’t handle the flow when you have those heavy rain events,” said Rojas. 

Resulting in what we know as flash flooding. 

According to Marvin Land with MWA, the county is prone to flooding but specific areas like Lizella, Pleasant Hill, Fort Hill, and South Bibb flood a little more.

Land says in neighborhoods like Pleasant Hill and Fort Hill, the catch basin needs to be cleaned out and streets swept.

“We find everything from trophies, vacuum cleaners, scooters,” said Land. Making cleaning the basin difficult.

Rojas says Macon Water Authority will take over the stormwater maintenance in January. He says MWA will come up with a comprehensive stormwater program, get the street sweeper up and running, and create a capital improvement program to identify improvements needed.  

According to Floore, Macon-Bibb has a routine maintenance and cleaning program that flushes out pipes. He asks residents report a flood if they see one, and crews can have it cleaned out within 72 hours. 

Floore says people can also take a picture of flooding, and send it to public works using the see-click-fix App.


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