Tech Byte: Consumer Electronics Show tech preview

The Consumer Electronics Show may be over, but we have lots of tech products to look forward to in the future.

Emily Cassulo reports. 

From transportation to robots, CES gives us a preview of the latest technology.

Hyundai flying taxi

Hyundai showed off its version of a flying taxi, which it calls a “Personal Air Vehicle.” The car company partnered with Uber to make it happen.

The electric PAV uses the airspace instead of the road. This helps alleviate traffic congestion. 

Mercedes-Benz car

Mercedes-Benz revealed its Vision AVTR — inspired by the movie, Avatar. This car can drive autonomously.

The Vision AVTR is all-electric with a recyclable battery. It also doesn’t have a steering wheel.

Samsung’s Bot Chef 

Samsung’s Bot Chef robot can help with a variety of tasks, from coffee to tofu. This sous chef’s arms hang down from a kitchen counter to put ingredients into a pan for you.

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