Congressional luncheon focuses on infrastructure, free enterprise system

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT)- Senator David Perdue along with other elected officials focused on enhancing infrastructure and a free enterprise system in Middle Georgia.

This was at the 2019 Georgia Congressional Luncheon at the Edgar H. Wilson Convention Center in Macon.

Senator Perdue says for the sixth year in a row, Georgia was named the best state in the country to do business.

The Savannah Harbor Expansion Project is on track which means the port of Savannah is being deepened. This allows bigger ships to come into the area bringing goods and products to the state.

Chris Clark, the Georgia Chamber of Commerce CEO and President, says Georgia’s economy does not work if we can’t get our people to work and we can’t get goods and services into our state.

“The port of Savannah will see a 75% increase in traffic loads within the next ten years due to the expansion of the port,” Clark said. “Investments need to be made in our airports to accommodate the increase in tourists.”

Clark says in order to grow the economy across the state, rural areas like Middle Georgia need improvements in infrastructure. Road, railway and airport improvements are just a start.

Clark says companies will grow and add over 1.5 million jobs within the next few years due to the expansion of rural area infrastructure.

Senator Perdue says one way to grow infrastructure is to protect and promote the free enterprise system.

“The free enterprise system happens when products, prices and services are determined by the market, not by the government,” Perdue said. “The government footprint is smaller which encourages local businesses to grow and thrive.”

Chris Clark says one way to promote the free enterprise system is by teaching children the importance of improving the entrepreneur ecosystem.

“The biggest impact comes from businesses that start, grow, and stay here,” Clark said.

Not only will infrastructure be the main focus, the Department of Transportation is also introducing new innovations through transportation.

Some of the new innovations include:

  • New, quieter supersonic aircrafts
  • unmanned aircraft systems
  • reusable rockets
  • clean burning natural gas-powered ships
  • zero emission buses
  • faster railways

The Secretary of Transportation, Elaine Chao, says “innovation, in transportation and other areas, is still driving growth and still gives us hope for a better future.”

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