Community reaction divided on new gun law

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Georgia’s new gun law took effect today, and opinions are split on whether it will hurt or help the community.  House Bill 60, also known as the “Safe Carry Protection Act”, allows licensed gun owners to carry in places where weapons are traditionally banned, but it also gives property owners the right to keep weapons out of their establishments.

Licensed gun owner Robert Parr supports the new law and bought his wife a pistol recently. He says the purchase was necessary for her safety. He told us, “it’s better to have something and not need it, than to have it and not need it.”  Parr added, “everybody has a right to own a gun and has a right to own a gun and defend themselves within the law.”

Union Baptist Church’s pastor, Reverend David Stanley says he won’t allow people to bring guns to his church.  He told us they’re planning to install signs that will let people know that guns aren’t welcome.

Mercer students Alayana Williams and Aaron Scherf say going to bars, and other public places will not be the same.   Both described the new law as excessive.

For gun owner Jason Sanderson and his family of six, the right to carry a gun is not as important as who intends to use it. “I think it’s okay as long as you have your license. I’m not worried about the people that will go about it the legal way. It’s the people that don’t,” says Sanderson.

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