College Hill Alliance Has New Plan to Get More Business Downtown

The College Hill Alliance is trying to get new, high-tech businesses to set up shop in downtown Macon. The plan to get them here? Use Mercer University as an academic research incentive.

“Our plan is to take the knowledge, innovation, and technology resources of Mercer University, and use them to try to collaborate with entrepreneural businesses in the community,” College Hill Alliance Executive Director, Patrick Madison said.

The College Hill Alliance has been working for more than a year now, to try and get more people to move in the downtown district. Now, it says it’s time to try to get businesses to move downtown as well.

With Mercer University’s School of Engineering, the hope is high-tech companies will see the University, mixed with a vibrant downtown, and want to move to Macon.

Madison says he wants high-tech companies to utilize our local resources, and provide internships and employment opportunities for local students and professionals.

The College Hill Alliance’s next step is to create a recognizable brand, so companies will see the brand and want to set up headquarters in Macon.

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