Clowns sightings in Macon, parents concerned

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Concerned parents say clowns are terrifying students on their way to school.

Bibb Deputies responded to a call Tuesday morning on Elkan Avenue about clowns chasing kids.

“If it’s a joke, it’s not funny. If you think this is something to play with, don’t. Take it serious,” says Aisha Thompson.

Thompson, a mother of four, says her older kids walk to school and drop their younger sibling off at the bus stop every morning.

Tuesday morning, they ran back home within minutes, and told their mother they were being chased by clowns.

“They saw a laser light. When we were having our discussion about this yesterday, it was mentioned that they would be in the woods shining one of those lasers to get the children’s attention, so they said they started to walk fast and as they approached the woods they came out and they took off running,” she continues.

Last month, NBC news reported clowns lurking in the woods in Greenville, South Carolina forcing residents to keep an eye open.

Reports stated the clowns were carrying flashing green laser lights; and in this case, the same.

Lt. Randy Gonzalez with the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office says, “We’d like to find out who they are because we don’t want them giving small children impressions that clowns are scary because we as adults growing up know that clowns to us were not scary.”

“Kids think they’re going to school is their job. They’re unable to perform their job correct, having fear,” said concerned mother Teria Davis.

Thompson says her younger child attends Southfield Elementary which is nearby the area. She adds she will have to take her kids to school on her own until this issue is resolved.

The Bibb County Sheriff’s office says deputies will be patrolling the area to make sure kids stay safe.

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