Chrysler targets kids to influence sales

Chrysler is targeting kids through social media to get their parents to buy one of their minivans.

Kids are instrumental in family’s vehicle buying decisions, believes Chrysler.

A six-week “Pacifikids” social media campaign launched this week that attempts to lure kids with a video of actor children who last month “took over” a California Fiat Chrysler dealership and sold Pacificas to unsuspecting buyers.

The trend of Americans eating less cold cereal for breakfast lingers on.

Sales of cold and hot cereals combined are expected to total $10.6 billion this year, down 17 percent from $12.7 billion in 2009, according to the research firm Ibisworld.

Many consumers increasingly want healthier choices for breakfast and they want foods they can carry out the door instead of taking the time to pour cereal into a bowl at the breakfast table.

Stocks closed higher as oil jumped again.

There was also positioning ahead of earnings season which starts this week.

The Dow closed up 89 points.

Drug companies are coming under fire again.

This time from a California prosecutor who says a handful of drug companies paid to delay a generic competitor to their cholesterol drugs.

The suit alleges Teva Pharmaceuticals, Abbott Labs, Abbvie, Barr Pharmaceuticals, and Duramed, all engaged in a 10 year scheme to keep an affordable version of cholesterol treatment Niaspan off the market.

Radio station KPCC says Abbot Labs was the only drug company that responded and said that it separated its research-based pharmaceutical business into a new public bio-pharmaceutical company called Abbvie in January 2013, and all rights to the drug were passed on to the new company.

Turns out the creepy clowns are good business for some.

The Washington Post says Halloween stores around the country are reporting strong sales of clown makeup and full clown costumes.

Clown mask sales are up more than 300 percent from a year ago.

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